How long should my jewelry last?

With proper care, fine jewelry can last a lifetime...and beyond. However, there are a number of DOS and DON'TS.

Don't wear your jewelry in the pool or spa. Chlorine can actually attack and permeate gold. The result can lead to porosity ans deterioration of the metal. Please don't take the chance of this happening.

Don't wear your jewelry while doing housework, gardening or cooking. Although you will look good while you do, it's not worth the risk of damage or chemical exposure.

Don't put you jewelry on before putting on makeup. There are chemicals and abrasives in cosmetics, lotions and perfume that can discolor or damage fine jewelry. Some items of jewelry are organic and not minerals. Coral, pearls, ivory, amber bone and jet are set in jewelry and need extra care. These materials can diminish in luster if not gently washed after wear. The most common deterioration occurs on cultured pearls. Cultured pearls have an outside nacreous layer that hairspray can destroy. Also, makeup around the neck may have the same results.

Don't wear you r jewelry while participating in athletics. You may see professional athletes wearing their's, so unless you are making seven or eight figures, do't take the chance of damaging or losing your valuable.

Don't even wear your jewelry while showering or bathing. The residue from soaps and shampoo build up under you gemstones reducing their brilliance and beauty. Also, the terry cloth of most towels can snag prongs on rings and earrings.

So, DO come by often for further help and information about fine jewelry. Do remember we will clean and check your precious items for no charge. Finally, DO remember to add to your collection at least once a year!


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